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The Arbitration Commitee

The Arbitration Committee (Committee) is the body of the Council, which is exclusively competent to issue awards. The award is a written vindication of the Committee decision, on the matter, whether a particular advertisement carried out in the past or in the present is in accordance or discordance with the Code. The award is issued by the Committee, based exclusively on a written suggestion. The suggestion may be submitted by any legal or natural person, except the members of the Committee.

The Committee consists of at least seven (7) members, who are elected and dismissed by the Plenary Assembly from the Council members and other persons at suit of the Presidium for the term of Office 3 years.

The Remedial questions on the Committee’s decision process will be adapted in the Standing Order, which is being approved by the Plenary Assembly at suit of the Presidium.


  • Mária Tóthová Šimčáková (psychologist)
  • Slavomíra Salajová (lawyer)
  • Andrea Cocherová (advertiser)
  • Pavol Cvik (attorney)
  • Martin Drobný (IT sector)
  • Róbert Slovák (agencies)
  • Maroš Ovčarik (financial sector)
  • Oľga Gyarfášová (sociologist)
  • Marcel Lukačka (digital marketing)
  • Radoslav Kutaš (lawyer)
  • Maru Mitlíková (agencies)
  • Vladimír Paštinský (social media, influencer marketing and on-line ad)
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