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The Plenary Assembly

The Plenary Assembly is the supreme body of the Council. Each member is being represented by his/her legitimate representative at the Plenary Assembly.

The Plenary Assembly is competent to carry on all decisions in matters concerning the activity of the Council, except issuing awards, which are being issued exclusively by the Arbitration Committee. The activities of the Plenary Assembly are:

– to elect and withdraw bodies of the Council in compliance with these regulations,

– to accept the Code and to change the Code,

– to take decisions on new members acceptance,

– to take decisions on expelling members,

– to take decisions on amount of the membership fees,

– to agree on the Standing order of the Arbitration Committee,

– to agree on the Council economy by agreeing on the budget,

– to agree on the extinction of the Council in accordance with the legal regulations,

– to agree on further questions, entrusted to the Plenary Assembly by the Council Regulations or by the other decision of the Plenary Assembly.

Each member has one vote when voting at the Plenary Assembly. The Plenary Assembly is quorated, if an absolute majority of all the members is present at the meeting. To adopt the decision, approval of two thirds of the present members is necessary. The voting of the Plenary Assembly is open, until the Plenary Assembly decides otherwise.

When taking decisions on membership foundation, according to the article IX. of these regulations and coherent, decision may also be taken by the “per rollam” form.

The Plenary Assembly meets at least once a year. The Plenary Assembly is convened and chaired by the President or by the President adjudicated representative of the Presidium.

The Plenary Assembly takes decisions by the means of resolutions, which will be provided by the executive director in a written form.

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